"She is the best editor I've ever worked with and has provided invaluable help proofreading the book.  I am blessed by her."

Matthews, Richard. 2008. "Acknowledgements." In The Absolute Violation: Why Torture Must be Prohibited. Montreal & Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press.

"Along with my doctoral thesis, Emma has edited work of mine for many years. I have always found Emma's keen intellect and eye for detail makes an outstanding contribution to my work. I have recently been awarded an Outstanding Thesis Award from Queensland University of Technology, Australia for my doctoral dissertation. I believe Emma made a significant contribution towards my being nominated for such an award. One thesis examiner, Prof. Andrea O'Reilly of York University, wrote, 'I would like to congratulate and thank Ms Jones for the eloquence and grace of her writing: I only wish that all the dissertations I have examined were so well written.' And my other examiner, Prof. Fiona Green of the University of Winnipeg, wrote, 'The thesis is extremely well organized, with each Part and Chapter thoroughly researched and presented, as well as linked directly with the entire thesis. The content of each chapter is well articulated and bookended with an excellent introduction and conclusion. The thesis as a whole follows this same structure.' I thank Emma for her advice on all editorial matters. I believe it was her attention to detail which assisted me in becoming a recipient of this award. I wish Emma all the very best as her editorial business continues to prosper, and I am sure that those who engage her services will be extremely grateful for her input but also well rewarded."

Jenny Jones, PhD., 2013.